Wednesday, February 28, 2007

La Vie en Limbo

So this is my first post on this side of the Atlantic. I've started a new blog for a number of reasons, the first being a whole-hearted attempt to leave all baggage behind and move passionately forward. New Beginnings = New Blog. Additionally, someone in my past who in no way deserves to be part of my present stumbled upon the old blog, so this one is not only new but slightly more anonymous. Not necessarily what I was going for, but c'est la vie.

The transition back from Ireland has been a difficult one, rife with all the disappointment and frustration that the Real World has to offer. I am in full scale limbo- between two countries and two different lives- one that I miss so terribly I can hardly breathe and another I am desperately trying to start. Not knowing how long I'm be here or even where I am going has developed into a massive personal battle- an all out war, really: me against the bloody cosmic universe. *Sigh* It is indeed a curse to love two countries, and even worse to be stuck in between them.

However, life hasn't been all bad. Reuniting with friends and family has been truly wonderful, and having a boyfriend that's only 60 miles away as opposed to 3000 isn't half bad, either. Amidst the endless job applications, stressful interviews, and my new "hobby" as a Book Bitch at Borders (because to call that a JOB would imply CAREER which would in fact lead to suicide), I am just trying to keep my eye on the bigger picture and enjoy the process, difficult as it may be.