Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Any time I am really feeling down on DC I go for a nice long run by the White House. I have always found the White House to be an endless source of inspiration. I decided the first time I pressed by little face up against the iron bars that I was going to be here in Washington. That I needed to be here. Last night when I gleefully ran by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue it was no different. Goosebumps and pure happiness. For me, the White House and all of the other great recognizable monuments don’t represent power or corruption (as my cynical colleagues would say), they represent change. Washington is transient, nothing ever stays the same here. It’s one of the most exciting, peculiar cities in the world. There are always new people, new policies, a new Congress, a new President. It is a city defined less by what stays the same and more by what doesn’t. It’s so very…American. I love it. I love it because I want to be the change. I want to be the energy that drives new policies and the force that shapes new leaders. It’s ambitious and idealistic, but I am ambitious and idealistic, and it’s just another reason why I fit in here. Washington is a city full of people that either want to own the world or shape it. But I don’t just want to shape the world, I will… even if it takes a jog by a big White House to be reminded why.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Texas Braces for Erin


OBVIOUSLY I don't like tropical storms or hurricanes, but somewhere deep inside I smiled when I saw my namesake was attacking Texas. I mean c'mon... it's TEXAS!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Three P's (Random Musings)

I decided today that I need more poetry in my life.

Not only do I spend far too much time in my foreign-policy-wonk world, but I spend way too much time sweating the small stuff. Okay, not all of it is “small.” Some issues are decidedly worth sweating- huge, enormous, and potentially life- altering. That’s part of the problem: I see almost everyone and everything in my life as life- altering - a potential “core shaker” (if I may so liberally borrow a SATC phrase). It must be the drama queen in me. This is especially problematic when these “life alterers” and “core shakers” turn out to be less than what I thought them to be, but I digress…

Poetry is one of my three favorite p’s: Poetry. Passion. Peace. It’s part of the philosophy by which I try to live my life. Try to live each day beautifully, passionately, and do your part to tread softly on the earth. It’s not always easy to put into practice, but in theory it’s a good mantra. Lately I have felt so much unrest. Internal agitation and unease. One would think trying to dedicate a career to the cause of peace would be enough, but no. Just trying to get this career off the ground is a struggle of epic proportions. I need more peace. I need more poetry. I need more creativity. I need more passion.

Katie and I spent last night on the green watching “Casablanca.” Outdoor movies are perfection- especially classics. It was picturesque- Bogart and Bergman, the U.S. Capitol as a backdrop, with an audible sigh from the audience the first time they played “As Time Goes By.” It was beautiful- the poetry of Hollywood. And I decided right then and there I would have more.

Understandably, since Bogie is most definitely a “core-shaker.”

So I am committing to having more poetry in my life, metaphorically and otherwise. I’m dedicating myself to beautiful days filled with the things I love. I don’t think it makes me a glutton, this insatiable desire for passion and poetry and creativity and the lovely things in life. After all, it’s all about perspective. Lovely things are laughter and and conversations and sunsets and long walks. Less glutton and more romantic. A hopeless, hopeless romantic… it may not be life-altering, but on some days its enough.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Tale of Two Erins

The other Erin (known in inner-circles as Nugie) is returning to DC in less than one week. Having not lived in the same city since we set Dublin on fire a year ago, I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Yes, it is slightly obnoxious that we have the same name (particularly in Ireland where 'Erin' means Ireland), but the great adventures we have definitely make up for it.

Not to mention, we have sweet last names. :)

Friday, August 3, 2007


My friends are some of the most beautiful people in the world.