Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'll keep you locked in my head until we meet again...

I've been pretty terrible about updating lately- mostly because of long hours at work- life has been a bit of a blur. But all in all things are going well. Some random updates:
  • I'm still living with a bunch of guys in a little bit of a frat house situation- not ideal- but they're wonderful and its perfect until I know whether or not I'm staying in DC after the holidays.
  • Work is great- I absolutely love what I'm doing. Lots of foreign policy research and keeping a close eye on the 08 presidential candidates. I'm going out to Iowa again next week for the Hunger Summit- very exciting. I'm hoping to meet a few political VIPs. I will see Coll which makes the trip worth it regardless...
  • Coll who is ENGAGED. The first one of my bests to be engaged... CRAZY! So there is some serious celebrating to be done.
  • I've been writing a lot which is positive. I'm considering a few free lance ventures. I t may take up more time than I have at the moment, but I've always been a damn good multi-tasker...
  • I've also been working on my french- I am determined to be CONSIDERABLY better by Christmas. I'm on quite a roll right now so its just a matter of sticking with it.
  • I've been looking into some open track meets because I really miss competing and feel like I start to go a little crazy when I don't have a competitive outlet. AND when I was home a few weeks ago and caught up with my old track coach we pulled a shot put out of the garage and it went well... DAMN well. So we'll see. It'd be a great way to amp up my workouts. I've been just working out aimlessly lately which is not nearly as fun.
  • I need to get more sleep because these dark circles I'm rockin these days are just not cool.

Peace out cubscouts!