Friday, January 18, 2008

Location, Location, Location!

I have been looking for a studio for months- passively looking for about three, aggressively for about two. It is an exhausting, miserable process and I absolutely hate it. I have become a woman obsessed- every spare moment is dedicated to Operation: Adorable Studio.

I’m about one property away from aborting the mission.

I’m learning the trade-offs of renting in D.C. For instance, Apartment A is an English basement, beautiful one-bedroom with exposed brick, but the neighborhood is dodgy. Apartment B is a teeny tiny studio but in a great location. As far as neighborhoods go, the Hill isn’t a bad option- there is decent street parking, it’s a little more affordable, and I love Eastern Market- but it seems like everything is on the west side of the city- my work, my friends, my regular hangouts. Northwest is of course nearly impossible to find an affordable studio unless you go reeeeally far north or reeeeally far west -- or hit a goldmine.

This week I went to look at a studio with my friend and potentially struck gold. It’s about a 15 minute walk from work and in a great area- right by U Street and Adams Morgan where there is a lot of food, booze, and culture (i.e. FUN). It’s in a nice building, very safe area, but is teeny and there is no getting around the whole bed-is-in-the-living-room business. However, the location and the price are PERFECT and though it is far from my “dream apartment”, with some creative decorating it could be a damn good “first apartment.” Within moments I convinced myself that this apartment is the key to my happiness in DC and without it I will in fact be miserable.

Of course finding the apartment is only half the battle- you have to apply. This apartment had a line at the door a half hour before the viewing; t’was reminiscent of my Dublin days when hours were spent waiting to simply see the apartment. I faxed my application first thing in the morning and after a $30 cab ride to the leasing office found out that some scoundrel had already beaten me in: I was Applicant #2. So I tried to sweet talk the realtor and flashed my best smile in hopes that I would move to the top of the pile. Otherwise I just have to hope with all my might that Applicant #1 has craptacular credit.

So now I wait while a guy named Tim in a leasing office on Rhode Island Avenue determines my fate and hope with all my might that this tiny little gem comes through. Nothing but crossed fingers and positive thoughts…

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let me get this apartment!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Reflections from New Hampshire

Voters don't just desire change; they are demanding it!

-Hillary Clinton: props to you for showing a little emotion and flipping all those pollsters the bird. "I found my voice. And let's give America the comeback that New Hampshire has just given me." Not even I can argue with that...

-Barack Obama: its not over, boyfriend. And a little humility won't hurt. No matter what Oprah thinks- you're not Jesus.

-John McCain: a win you deserve. But for the love of St. Patrick FIRE YOUR COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR because that speech was dreadful!

-John Edwards: FIRE YOUR COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR and stop recycling that damn speech. Though I'll support your poverty policies till the end, you have lost me by relying on the exact. same. stump. speech. for. the. last. three. months. AND by somehow managing to look less presidential than freakin Mike Huckabee.

-Mike Huckabee: I don't care how sincere or genuine you appear, I will never, ever vote for anyone that A. has proposed quarantining AIDS patients; B. thinks homosexuality is a public health risk; and C. thinks evolution is a theory (a statement which in fact makes you a bloody moron).

-Mitt Romney/ Phony McPhonerson: You're a fake. I will never consider voting for someone who condones torture (see also Huckabees deal-breakers above A,B, and C).

Now on to Nevada!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

No New Years Post This Year wistful look back at all of the memories. All in all, 2007 was rough. Of course there are a number of things I am grateful for, but the life obstacles, career challenges, and the heartbreaking loss of my Grandmom are probably what I will remember most about 2007.

I can appreciate it for what it was: a year of great transition in my life. But there is no melancholy hesitation about putting '07 to bed. I am ready to let it go. I am ready to move forward.

After quite a struggle, I look to the future with optimism. I was tested a lot this year. My family was tested. But we all persevered and I feel my determination and positive energy grow by the day. I look at my laundry list of 2008 resolutions and know that I have the strength to turn this year- this life- into exactly what I want. And I will.

So no New Years post this year.