Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dins and a Doc

I hosted Dinner and a Documentary at my house last night with a friend that has become a central character in my life in DC. (I use the term character because I am ever more convinced that my life is a musical complete with show tunes in the moonlight, but I digress). This character is a particular favorite because we always have thought-provoking conversations that expand into all out philosophical throw downs. Last nights match-up featured white peach sangria garnished with raspberries, my Mom's tomato bruschetta with fresh grated Parmesan, spinach risotto with feta and sauteed mushrooms, and fresh steamed asparagus on the side. And for dessert, a documentary on rape as a weapon of war. All set to the backdrop of impassioned conversations and a raging thunderstorm.

Do Wednesday evenings get better than that?!

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